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Posted on: January 23, 2018
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What is up, you guys? If you found this video, it’s because you’re looking for the best home based business opportunities or the best ways to make money online part-time that are not too difficult, and are very profitable, and will pay you a lot more than what you can make than just your nine-to-five job, and every year trapped in that hourly wage. so in this video we’re gonna go over a couple of things I’ve made videos about this opportunity before it’s called best easy work and I want to go over with you about why the commission structure is so special compared to other home-based businesses and how you can earn a lot and how powerful the commission structure is because the different ways you’re going to earn so we’re gonna fully cover that so that you want to understand it and we’re also going to go over on what you’re gonna get in my personal training and all the benefits the best Easi work so that you know the full deal and can make a decision if you like it as much as I do so here is so it’s free to create an account and free to earn to an extent you know you can earn but with limits you were in a flat $25 per referrals as a free member and that’s it you don’t get any of the other bonuses or benefits so this is what the free website looks like that you will get and if you want to go ahead and create your free account with me as your sponsor you will just put it in here and we’re also gonna go over what the owner can do for you so keep reading this article.

I’m gonna try to keep it short this time.  I know I always say that,  but I’m just such a detailed person, and I just want to make sure that you get the full deal. I’ll just get really into talking about each business that I’m in because you know I really like each business that I’m in.   I do a lot of research and I don’t join just random stuff I only join things that I think are really powerful.  So after you create your free account you’re going to be taken to this page here so as you can see I’m at the five hundred dollar level which means that I’m eligible for quite large commissions, overrides, and bonuses, which we’re going to go into I mean I saw the power of this opportunity. It did not take any convincing from my sponsor I saw what it was and the same week I decided to upgrade. You know a lot of other people are going to think that way too because if you see something as powerful and you like it then there’s a very very strong probability that other people are going to feel the same and are going to see the power in it also.

So whenever you first log in I want you to watch this short presentation video here. One of the most powerful things that I want to tell you; the CEO is Martin Ruiz.  And and this goes into the first fact of why best easy work is so amazing.  I know some people are visual and so on I just kind of spell it out why it rocks here.  So Martin the CEO answers all questions via phone for you he urges you to call him and he answers the phone every day except for Sundays. And there’s his hours of operation and you can also email him here. so there’s this number I’ve talked to him on the phone a couple times on you know if he doesn’t answer immediately just call back so that is absolutely phenomenal in that in itself I’m I’ve seen some opportunities that will charge you you know to get people on the phone on your behalf so that’s incredible that that’s free so I would you know definitely jump on that so another really amazing thing Martin handles upgrades and closes all sales on the phone for you that’s that’s really incredible I’m like like I said in my other video one of the businesses that I was in charged 50 percent to get a sales closer on the phone on your path so that’s really I’m a big thing that makes this one a little bit more hands-free is is that the owner will close the sales for you.  That as you know  can consume a lot of your time whenever you have to focus on relationship building as as well as getting on the phone and everything. So Martin takes that place.  That’s really incredible so let’s go ahead and jump into I know what everyone wants to hear what is the commission structure.

How can you get paid?  How is this so so powerful? That’s probably what you’re wondering.  First, I’m gonna briefly tell you about the products. These are the products here with best Easy Work: (1) our medical and dental plans;  and (2) hotel discounts.  Let’s look at all of the options.  So I’m going to want you to go through this entire website. I’m not going to go through it because you can easily create your free account and go through it yourself so let’s get down to the Commission structure here alright so it’s free instant setup no selling no talking no households okay the prospect calls the website owner which is Martin to ask the questions phone numbers posted three times he will answer all questions in your behalf and when they join you just earned fifty to four thousand instantly okay so you’re gonna want to watch this okay so let’s keep going down tells me more about the products here so it does a really good job of doing the selling and telling for you.

Free Members

As a free member you know you can earn a flat $25 per referral of a paid member but we’re gonna talk about why you want to definitely be an upgraded member.  Here’s all of your different options. I am a thousand dollar member. One of the biggest reasons why you want to upgrade is because free members do not create a team.  Free members pass up their members to their sponsor creating an automated team. So let’s say you’re a free member.  And then you get someone you know. Let’s say they join out 188 you’re going to get $25 and then I’m going to get  one hundred minus 25 is what’s that ninety five.  Then I will get the rest of the commission that you should have got. I will get a whopping ninety five dollar Commission hands-free completely automated and you will only get $25 as a free member.  So that’s why you definitely want to be an upgraded member.  

Option 1: The $88 Level

I’m an upgraded member.   Upgraded members also get a 200 dollar gift cards, discount cards and it’s hotel savings.  So the first upgraded level is eighty eight dollars. That’s one-time only.  There are no monthly fees. If you are a free member, after you get your twenty five dollars, that person will be passed to me.  So, okay, eighty eight dollars one-time for a lifetime membership and you will earn up to fifty dollars for people who upgrade.  So that means either fifty dollars, or if it was a free person then then they will get the twenty five then that person will pass to you and you will get you know 50 – 25 okay / $88 sign up that activates no overrides and no bonuses so the overrides and bonuses start with options 2 through 10.  

Option 2: The $188 Level

This is the first level that you start getting bonuses with okay so  you will earn $120 dollars from a $188 upgraded member you refer when you are at that same level.   Also, you will get a $200 gift card and $30 overrides.  Overrides mean every person on your team who gets a paid member who joins at the minimum $188 option, you will get $30 every single time no questions asked.  You know that’s literally like a random bonus falling from the sky guys! What I’m trying to tell you like  not to sound like it’s shadier or anything but, for real, this is about as close as it gets to getting $30 falling from the sky that’s what overrides are you know it’s random money falling into your lap from your team.  And literally all you’re doing is driving traffic to that and you’re gonna learn about that in the free training that best easy work gives you. make sure that you understand so free Burres will only get flat $25 commissions okay and then level one so the minimum upgraded paid member is $88 and you weren’t $50 per $88 upgrade and member okay so so ten cells of $88 members would be five hundred dollars in your pocket and then 188 dollar level like I really recommend guys joining at least at the 188 dollar level because that is when the overrides start that means you get thirty dollars every single time you’re you’re on people on your team reading for other upgraded members at at least one hundred eighty eight dollars you you will get thirty dollars in your pocket and you get $120 per 100 a dollar sign up so that is is why this one is really powerful okay so we’re going to scroll down here so I definitely want you to watch this video here about understanding the overrides and the income chart so this is a two minute long video so won’t won’t take too much of your time to watch that tell you about the bonus here for sure okay so you’re gonna want to call Martin here to to get a free limited time offer bonus and it expires in 24 hours so in one day you have one day to call Martin here and he wants to tell you about his his bonus so you’re gonna want to see that on now I’m gonna show you an example about um the emails that Martin sins okay so another really amazing a powerful thing that I haven’t seen with anything else is Martin will actually email your team for you I’m gonna show you an example here of what it looks like okay so um of course don’t go contacting this person here okay so this is what it looks like whenever you get someone and it says here okay so they can call me and I will attempt to close a cell for you if they become a paid member you get paid instantly I will contact them via email to attempt closing the cell for you so there’s Martin you know trying to close yourselves so that’s really it you know what I want you to understand is okay Martin does 80 percent of the work you you simply drive traffic okay so that’s all you’re doing is driving traffic and then Martin really does the heavy lifting that’s really it so you’re definitely going to want to join minimum at 188 level so that you can get my training here and so that you don’t miss out on overrides and so that you get every member of your team so that is really it um you can kind of go through this yourself I mean I also really fast before I end this video I want to show you the training section okay so you can click training and you can get some training here some really good parts of the training here like there’s there’s enough training here for you for you to earn okay I’m so I really like the text blast that’s something I’ve had really good success in in the passive getting on immediate cells as well as cells later from the people so text blasting he gives you that resource here Craigslist so you are all good to go. so if you want to get started you can just go to my link  Have a nice day.  As found on Youtube